... are manufactured by Jörg Vogelsang using the roll- bending method, our core area of competence. They are the most economical alternative to turned and tubular parts in areas such as chassis frame technology, anti-vibration systems and shock absorbers. As well as in powertrain systems or plastic modules. Continuous innovation processes enable us to fulfil the special requirements of our customers with top-quality products. With our technology, we can offer the solution for complex design tasks and our aim is to create an advantage for our customers by always being one step ahead.


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compression limiter®
The automotive industry uses a lot of injection molded parts because of light weight designs and cost savings. These parts are usually fastened on or in the vehicle.
The screwed joint exceeds the allowable axial surface pressure of the injection molded parts.
Compression limiter® made of non-ferrous metals and steel have to be used. Jörg Vogelsang gives you the cost effective alternatives to the expensive machined part.







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